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The Association of the Past Pupils of Don Bosco is a worldwide organization of the alumni/ae of the Salesians of Don Bosco. The movement springs from the interest and affection which binds the past pupils to Don Bosco and to the Salesian Family. Through the Association, the members wish to maintain and develop the insights and inspiration received at the school of Don Bosco. Past pupils belong to the Salesian Family by reason of that special bond forged by their being educated in a Salesian educational centre.

In its organizational structure, the Association consists of the ‘Unit’ at the local level, the ‘Provincial Federation’ at the province level, the ‘National Federation’ at the national level and the ‘World Confederation’ at the international level.


Art. 1: The Unit
The Unit is made up of past pupils who, aware of the commitments contained in the Statutes and Regulations of the Association of Don Bosco Past Pupils at unit, province, national and world levels, have voluntarily organized themselves into an association attached to a Salesian Institution.

Art 2: Aims of the Association

Art 3: Enrolment and Membership

Art. 4: Membership Subscription

Art 5: Rights of Members
Registered members have the right to:
a) Vote during meetings and elections in the Unit of one’s registration, subject to Art 18d.
b) To receive the official news organ and other communications.
c) Enjoy other facilities granted by each unit.

Art 6: Activities
Any activity of the Unit is valid if it corresponds to the aims of the Association. The unit encourages its members to be active as a group and as individuals in any work or project that promotes the aims of the Association.

Art 7: Tasks of the Unit

Art 8: Annual General Assembly (AGA)
The Annual General Assembly is the Directive Organ of the Unit. The AGA is held once a year, to which all past pupils are invited. However, only those who are registered and paid the membership subscription may vote at the AGA.

Art 9: Tasks of the Annual General Assembly

Art 10: The Unit Committee
The Unit Committee is the Executive Organ of the Unit. The Committee consists of the Delegate, President, Vice-President (Senior), Vice-President (GEX), Secretary, Treasurer and a minimum of 4 Councillors.

Art 11: The Delegate

Art 12: The Unit President

Art 13: The Unit Vice-President (Senior)

Art 14: The Unit Vice-President (GEX )

Art 15: The Unit Secretary

Art 16: The Unit Treasurer

Art 17: Unit Councillors
The Councillors take part in the Committee meetings with full and equal rights as the other members. They may be assigned special tasks by the President.  Co-opted councillors will not have the right to vote.

Art 18: Election Rules

Art 19: Electoral Commission (EC)

Art 20: Election Procedure

Art 21: Duration of Office

Art. 22: Vacancies
When the office of a Committee member other than a councillor becomes vacant due to any reason, the Committee will appoint another committee member to that post who will hold the office only till the completion of the mandate of the member who has ceased to hold office.

Art 23: Incompatibility
The offices of the President, Sectary and Treasurer of the Committee are incompatible with offices of a public character carrying grave responsibilities of a political nature.

Art 24: Disciplinary Action

Art 25: Young Past Pupils – GEX

Art 26: Secretariat of the Unit
The Unit has its office preferably in the Salesian institution where it has been formally established. The institution places at its disposal a place suitable for its meetings and organization.

Art 27: Newsletter of the Unit
The Unit is expected to publish a newsletter at least once in six months.

Art 28:  Unit Banner
Every Unit shall have a banner of its own with the reproduction of the face of Don Bosco. It shall be exhibited on occasions of solemn celebrations and meetings. The Unit banner needs the approval of the Provincial Committee.

Art 29: The Past Pupils’ Badge
The badge is the same for the entire world Confederation. Its use is optional but highly recommended because it is an external sign of unity among the past pupils. On the badge, around the figure of Don Bosco, are the words “Leads and Protects”, indicating the role Don Bosco plays in the life of every past pupil. The badge is given to members at the time of joining the organization.

Art 30: Past Pupils’ Motto
The motto of the Past Pupils shall be as given to us by our Father and Founder, Don Bosco: “KNOW, LOVE, HELP ONE ANOTHER AND KEEP UNITED”


Art 31: Identity Card
Each member shall obtain from the Unit, an identity card, recognized by the National Federation.

Art 32: Past Pupils “Groups”
By Group is meant an Association of past pupils constituted in a place where there is no Salesian institution. The group, like the Unit, is an autonomous body with a Committee of its own. The forming of Group must be recognized by the Provincial Federation Committee. The animation of the Group pertains to the Provincial Delegate.

Art. 33: Finances
The Unit is financially supported by the membership subscriptions, donations and money raised through various other means. Each unit has to contribute towards the support of the Provincial and National Federations.

Art 34: Authentic Text
The authentic text of the Statues is the one approved by the Council of the National Federation.

Art 35: Relationship with the Salesian Congregation

Art. 36: Interpretation of Statutes
The interpretation of the Unit Statutes and Regulations is left to the Committee of the Provincial Federation.

Art. 37: Amendments
Any amendment to these Statutes needs the approval of the Council of the National Federation with more than half the members voting in favour.

Here the word ‘institution’ implies any Salesian establishment such as formal and non-formal educational centres, oratories, youth centres, works for the young at risk, etc., where young people receive formation or training.

GEX is the short form for the Italian expression Giovani Exallievi, meaningYoung Past Pupils’.

Here it must be kept in mind that since Annual General Assembly of a Unit is held only once a year and its date often fixed to coincide with public holidays like August 15, January 26, etc, Unit elections would have to be held, at times, even a year ahead of the Provincial elections. The purpose of staggering the four levels of elections – from local unit to world level – is to give the newly elected office bearers the opportunity to take part in the elections at each higher level).


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